W3A API empowers you to enhance your dApp’s security and operational efficiency. Whatever your project is — a marketplace, a wallet, a DEX, etc. — your users will significantly benefit from real-time transaction risk assessment and asset overview, token approval management, transaction simulation, and more.

Our product

W3A API powers the Web3 Antivirus browser extension and W3A Dashboard, delivering the most precise and relevant insights on Web3 assets and interactions to over 20,000 users.

Supported chains

PolygonOn its way
ArbitrumOn its way

Available APIs

  • Security API — analyzes an address and returns its detailed overview.
  • Token Intelligence API — analyzes a token and returns its risks.
  • Transaction Analysis API — simulates an Ethereum transaction and returns its details.
  • Account API — assesses a wallet’s exposure to various risks (ex. honeypots and poisoning attacks) and returns its health score and shows active token approvals.
  • Website API — analyzes URLs and returns warnings if detects phishing signs.